Spiders and Turtles and Stars

Aho fellow travelers. I must be getting forgetful or just a bit old. I have the link for Sallyanns newest offering all about Molly and her musings. This one ties in with her Whyte`s rainbow series.

Here`s the link https://www.books2read.com/u/4AgqXJ or smarturl.it/hg86jl
Those of you who want to take a look, I hope you enjoy it.

The title may look as if I pulled it out of my feathers but it has to do with a bracelet and hat band inspired by a little video. Years ago I use to bead a spider mother on a necklace.
I was inspired to change the design and turn her into a bracelet
and now she lives on a turtle hat band.

If Sallyann stops by maybe she will show the little video of that Christmas spider. It is hers and up to her where she shows it. Next time I will tell you about what the spider mother means to us. I have to finish another hat band that has our spider mother right on the front wearing her medicine colors.

Spider mother bracelet
spider band white
Spider incorporated into a new hat band

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