Potraiture by Barbara Mulleneaux

Aho and welcome friends. This website is to display my beading. I mostly do what I call story bands. They are hat bands that tell a story passed down by my ancestors. They represent a belief and a version of why things are as they appear here in the illusion. Every color has a meaning and everything is linked together. All the elements are held together by their particular medicine. I believe we can share and benefit from this medicine by wearing the story or studying it while holding it for a direct connection.

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Wampum belts served this purpose for my ancestors using beads made of quahog and whelk shell. I prefer to use no. 11 seed beads, nylon cord, a loom and modern adhesives to attach the ends. All my hatbands come with a card explaining the story and a bit about finishing the ends with your choice of decoration. I also believe it is important for the owner of a hatband to participate in its finishing so you can share medicine with the band itself.

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Over the years I have made very many custom sizes and adjusted patterns to fit all hat sizes. Measure the circumference of the hat you will be putting the band on. I like to have no more than a 3/8 to 1/2 inch gap between the leather ends.
I learned how to work clay and raku fire. Then I was guided by my ancestors to make a primitive totem or fetish. Adding feathers, medicine wheels and stones brought me back to my ancestral roots making me happy. My encouragement comes from within and I hope I can make everyone I come in contact with smile.

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I am a Raku artist. Happiest with feathers, beads, leather and the sound of drums. Everything that I have available now can be seen on my online shop by clicking on the picture below.

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