Pottery and beads for all your holiday needs.

Aho and welcome. Today I'm hosting a special blog for our Family Affair website, Blackbird and Daughter. If you haven't seen it, please stop by and take a look. Now it's over to my daughter, Sallyann. Thanks, dad. Aho and welcome to our family affair website. (You'll find the link where dad put it above.)… Continue reading Pottery and beads for all your holiday needs.


Spiders and Turtles and Stars

Aho fellow travelers. I must be getting forgetful or just a bit old. I have the link for Sallyanns newest offering all about Molly and her musings. This one ties in with her Whyte`s rainbow series. Here`s the link https://www.books2read.com/u/4AgqXJ or smarturl.it/hg86jl Those of you who want to take a look, I hope you enjoy… Continue reading Spiders and Turtles and Stars

Hats and Bands

Aho my friends. I went out the other day to post office. I don`t go out very much, mostly because of the traffic and the hordes of rushing people everywhere. What I noticed was the lack of hats. I remember when I was young, men wore hats. The baseball cap was just coming into fashion… Continue reading Hats and Bands

Turtle and stars

My ancestors and possibly yours considered north America to be turtle island. The story around it contains many animals, a turtle and an otter. There are many different turtles depicted among indigenous people. Ours is generally round with clan symbols on the shell and proportional legs and head. The one depicted here is a Sioux Turtle… Continue reading Turtle and stars