Ready for next weekend.

Aho and welcome to another DancingBlackbird post. I would start with thanking dad, but I've shanghaied his website again. Don't worry, he does know so I do have permission, but he's rather busy right now preparing for an upcoming event. He hosted our first Family Affair post, and seeing as it was one of two,… Continue reading Ready for next weekend.

Pottery and beads for all your holiday needs.

Aho and welcome. Today I'm hosting a special blog for our Family Affair website, Blackbird and Daughter. If you haven't seen it, please stop by and take a look. Now it's over to my daughter, Sallyann. Thanks, dad. Aho and welcome to our family affair website. (You'll find the link where dad put it above.)… Continue reading Pottery and beads for all your holiday needs.