Update from Sallyann

I haven`t posted much of my own musings lately but Sallyann has been very busy with lots of new books in the pipeline and apparently a little something for all the reader in the audience. So here`s another guest post from Sallyann Phillips. Yes, another update, and another release, but this time it's with my… Continue reading Update from Sallyann

Coming soon from Sallyann

I got a sneak peak at the newest offering from sphillipsauthor.wordpress.com It`s another book that links up to an existing set. If you have Amazon Prime take a look. Warming the Bed two book set is on unlimited so have a look. Warming the Bed Vol.1 4 short stories, 1 BOOK, 4 you smarturl.it/f4loyb Warming… Continue reading Coming soon from Sallyann

Another Book Release Coming Soon

Here is another guest post from an old friend Ms Dani Raine.  Okay, not OLD friend, let`s just say a good friend. The newest book from Dani, "Molly`s Musings" is soon to be released and this is what to look for when the release date rolls around. Watch for May 26th! The release will be… Continue reading Another Book Release Coming Soon

Links for the new children`s books

Aho my friends. I promised yesterday that the links would be posted here for the children`s books "Good night Mummy, Good night Dad" by author Sallyann Phillips. The 3 versions of her new book are now available on Amazon. Just in time for Mother`s Day Good night Mummy, Good night Dad smarturl.it/tof8si Kindle smarturl.it/wt3p4j Paperback… Continue reading Links for the new children`s books

Another Guest Post from Sallyann

A change in plans for Good Night Mummy, Good Night Dad! All 3 versions An Early Release of My New Books! Hi there, I have another update I wasn’t expecting, and I’ll explain why. Being from the UK I don’t often realise what holidays are in the USA, and I found out today (because I’m… Continue reading Another Guest Post from Sallyann

New Covers for New Childrens Books

Aho my friends. As promised we have the new covers for Sallyann Phillips children`s books. I hope you will appreciate the way she has approached the changing family dynamic. The covers are in pairs. The first is for the kindle download version and the second is for a keepsake read and play version in paperback.… Continue reading New Covers for New Childrens Books

Hats and Bands

Aho my friends. I went out the other day to post office. I don`t go out very much, mostly because of the traffic and the hordes of rushing people everywhere. What I noticed was the lack of hats. I remember when I was young, men wore hats. The baseball cap was just coming into fashion… Continue reading Hats and Bands